NYAGUY + | Chance The Rapper

This rapper is known for his talent, community service and activism and is arguably one of the best rappers of our time. Qualified as the perfect #NYAGUY+ feature everyone’s favorite rapper, Chance The Rapper! As a 24 year-old rapper from Chicago, with a sound so unique and refreshing Chance is taking the music industry by storm. Chance began to gain recognition with his second mixtape Acid Rap in 2013 and later released his third mixtape in 2016 called Coloring Book.  Chances love for Christ is clear and he shares it in his latest mixtape that featured inspirational songs like How Great, Blessings and Finish Line/ Drown in which the mixtape earned him three Grammys including best new artist and best rap album.

Aside from Chance the Rapper being a phenomenal rapper, he is one of the youngest people to receive a Humanitarian Award. His work both locally and nationally, Chance continues to give back to his community in Chicago. With his exceptional service in his community Chance also showcases activism by speaking out against injustice, mass incarceration , police brutality and the state of Chicago public schools. Chance has definitely used his influence to make a difference. With donating $1 Million to Chicago public schools and being acknowledged by President Obama and First Lady Michelle, Chance is definitely an outstanding role model and inspiration to all.

In his most recent act Chance came to our rescue by saving one of the most used streaming services, Sound Cloud, a platform mainly used by upcoming artist also where Chance first began his career. Chance continues to use his talents to inspire others and is honorably #NYAGUY. There is no way anyone could not love Chance the Rapper! He is definitely one to look out for as we continue to watch him take the world by storm.

Check out Chance the Rapper’s latest song with Jamila Woods:

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