The Ultimate Back to School Guide

As the summer comes to a halt and the school year rises again here are some helpful tips for incoming freshman and college students.

  1. Get Out

You will have plenty of time to be by yourself in your dorm. College is all about networking and you never know who you may meet and what they can offer. Get out of your dorm and meet new people! Go out and be social, there will be a lot of events to attend and tons of new people to meet. You are sure to find your lifetime friends in college. Plus there is literally always something to do on campus; you will have no problem finding events to attend.

  1. Be Active

There are tons of great organizations to join on campus! Get out and be ACTIVE. The best way to meet new people is by joining different organizations; campus has TONS of orgs to choose from. From Major based orgs, Service orgs, Social clubs and Fraternities and Sororities. There is an organization out there for everyone and if you can’t find the right org for you, you can make your own!

  1. Have Fun

College is the best time of our lives, get out, be active and HAVE FUN! You will spend plenty of nights cramming for tests and stressing about upcoming assignments. Get out and live a little. Now is the time to meet great people and make wonderful memories. Attend sporting events, campus events and parties but be sure to be safe in all that you do!

  1. Stay Focused

Remember why you came to college, to get a DEGREE. Please remain focused on your academics! There will be plenty of parties and social events to attend, keep your grades first and plan your academics accordingly! Be prepared for class and actually go! Get to know your professors and take advantage of the free tutoring services if you need help! KEEP YOUR ACADEMICS FIRST!

Have fun, meet new people and try new things! College is all about finding yourself, networking and getting that degree. Make the most of your college experience! Time flies and before you know it you’ll be walking across the stage. So remember to get out, be active, have fun and stay focused!

And remember Go Coogs!



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