Inspiration Station | Jeremiah Richard

With the recent tragedy here in Houston we decided to dedicate this Inspiration Station post to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. This weeks inspiration comes from Jeremiah Richard, a Houston local that went viral after being interviewed on the news. An ABC News reporter caught up with Richard as he and his son escaped their flooded home. In this bone chilling video Richard reminds us that in the midst of everything you are going through to thank God.

Screen Shot 2017-09-04 at 1.53.17 PM

In a storm that caused so much damage where homes were lost, cars were damaged and valuables gone. Richard reminded us that when things seem bad they could always be worse. It was so refreshing to see this man encouraged and uplifted through such a tough time.  Often times we find ourselves taking things for granted when we should be thankful for even the smallest things.

As we continue to help our city recover remember to be just be thankful. Go out and help in any way that you can and help our Houston community rebuild!
If you’re looking to help the Richard family in any way we have linked a Go fund me account below.

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