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Trevell Hudson

Introducing our next #NYAGuy feature, one of the hottest uprising stars in Houston from Baton Rouge, LA, Trevell Hudson. This is definitely an artist you’ll want to get to know! His latest release Long Overdue Reloaded dropped on September 1st of  2017 which is a revamped version of his 2016 release Long Overdue. Among his unique sound, heart felt lyrics and smooth R&B tunes, Hudson’s music is pleasant from start to finish. With popular songs like Bluesday, $$$Playz, and Tell Nobody and over 50k views on Soundcloud, Hudson is definitely a force to be reckoned with and is destined for greatness.

Check out our interview below where we discuss staying true to your craft, following your dreams and collaborating with some of the hottest in the music industry.

Check out some of the hottest songs from Trevell Hudson:


Be sure to catch his latest release Long Overdue Reloaded on iTunes and all available streaming services.

Be on the look out for what this uprising artist has in store!

Instagram @TrevellHudson Twitter @TrevellHudson Soundcloud @TrevellHudson

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