NYAGIRL + | Yara Shahidi

From the movie Imagine That to playing Zoey on Black-ish and now Grown-ish introducing our next NYAGirl+, Yara Shahidi.  Shahidi starred in her first movie in 2009 called Imagine That playing Olivia, the daughter of Evan Danielson (Eddie Murphy) the young star has been on the rise ever since. On her ABC hit show Black-ish Yara plays Zoey, the outspoken and intelligent oldest daughter of the Johnsons. Shahidi recently announced her newest project Grown-ish which is a spin-off of her show Black-ish. Shahidi will get the chance to play the role of herself; a new college student as she recently announced that she’d be attending the prestigious institute of Harvard University in fall of 2018.

Shahidi stands out for her bright personality, intelligence and her radiating confidence. It is hard to not be captivated by Shahidi, which makes her a perfect NYAGirl+ feature! Beauty, brains and bravery!

This 17-year-old is wise beyond her years. Shahidi uses her platform to speak out on issues like voting, social and racial injustices, diversity and inclusivity, and gender and equality issues. She encourages youth to find their voice and speak out.

“As teenagers, we have a lot of power that we’re unaware of. We have the opportunity to be taken seriously because we are a mass market, and when we realize the power that we actually hold, it’s easier to understand how we facilitate change”

 Yara Shahidi is a firm believer in staying true to yourself and not conforming to the ways of the world. Shahidi is a true definition of Not Your Average Girl! We are excited to see her blossom and grow as she transitions into her new show Grown-ish and wish her the best of luck as she enters Harvard University! 


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