Album Review | Daniel Caesar x Freudian

On August 25, 2017, 22-year-old Canadian born singer and songwriter Daniel Caesar blessed us with his debut album Freudian. His first project Pilgrim’s Paradise released in 2015 featured songs like Death & Taxes, Street Car and Paradise which introduced us to the powerful vocals of Caesar. His latest debut includes features from Kali Uchis, H.E.R., Syd and Charlotte Day Wilson and they all chime in with Caesar’s angelic voice to help us experience a rollercoaster of emotions. With popular songs like Get You, We Find Love and Blessed, Freudian displays gospel roots, neo soul vibes and a combination of voices that speak purely to the soul. The album is soothing from start to finish, with dreamy melodies and raw emotion this album explores love in all phases and is an exquisite work of art.

I fell in love with Caesar’s voice in his first single Get You released in October 2016 which was captivating the moment I heard it. Get You is such a vibe. From the intro with the simplistic beat to the first beat dropped turning over into the smooth chorus. With the combination of the sincere lyrics and beat, it is definitely a magical song.

Through drought and famine, natural disasters

my baby has been around for me

In the next two singles Blessed and We Find Love released in June 2017 the two songs were a rollercoaster in itself. From falling out of love and dealing with heartbreak to listening to Blessed and being just that, blessed. Both songs were beautiful and embody the full image of love.

I like to examine the album without the three singles because those were out prior to the album and though they all work cohesively as a work of art. My “high” on those songs have faded because I am now glued to his new releases. Best Part feat H.E.R., Hold Me Down, Neu Roses (Transgressor’s Song), Loose, Take Me Away feat Syd, Transform feat Charlotte Day Wilson and Freudian each song brings something new all flowing into the theme of love. As an entire body of art the album just makes you melt and ooze in love. It is hard to not love every song on the album!

My personal favorites from Freudian:

Neu Roses:

The structure of the song itself is what caught me. From the smooth classic gospel tone in the first half of the song as it transitions into this hard jazzy/R&B beat it is a beautiful musical arrangement. The song is described from two points of view. As the song transitions in sound you can hear the transition in lyrics. From the aspect of person ‘A’ realizing their wrong to person ‘B’ realizing the other person’s wrong but still being madly in love.

“Baby, baby please don’t leave me

I know I made a big mistake

Don’t turn my sunshine to shade”

Best Part feat H.E.R.:

This song to me is like the infatuated side of love. With the serene beat and innocent voices I think this was the perfect duet. It reminds me of innocent and enjoyable love, like the love without flaws. It is just a beautiful song all the way through.

“You’re the coffee that I need in the morning

You’re my sunshine in the rain when it’s pouring”

Take Me Away:

Take Me Away has more of a upbeat vibe with cool mellow lyrics. It explains experiencing a new relationship after being neglected and broken. Enjoying the other persons vibe and getting lost in love.

“I’m reminded of a time I was neglected

it seems you’re heaven sent”


The album title and closing song, which I feel, is exactly that, the ending of something. With a spacey sounding intro it reminds me of the sound of illusion. It’s more of a closure song, wishing someone best wishes but in the end still holding on to something that’s no longer there wishing it would change. After a long pause the beat concludes in a weary classic organ sound. The ending of the album ends in dealing with the consequences of heartbreak and human sacrifice.

“Send me kisses when it’s grey skies

Its been so long look how time flies

If you love me won’t you let me know”


Listen to the full album below

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