Black Lives Matter Silent Museum

On September 20, 2017 the University of Houston’s Unit #6806 NAACP (National Assocation for the Advancement of Colored People) presented their annual Black Lives Matter Silent Museum at Lynn Eusan Park. The student organization at UH puts on this event each year to honor those that have fallen to police brutality. Students stand silently in all black, holding signs paying homage to those whom have lost their lives due to racial injustices. Hosted by NAACP president Crayton Gerst,the organization works to bring awareness to UH’s campus. During the silent museum Savion Curd of Texas Southern University performed a spoken word from his piece titled Live By Law, Die By Law and NAACP’s Unit 6806 Advisor, Dr. Elwyn Lee gave words of encouragement while speaking to the students on campus.


NAACP Unit 6806 President Crayton Gerst

Sophomore | University of Houston

The silent museum is a way to really display the types of brutality that go on in society.  I feel like as college students we can often get caught up on a college campus and feel that we are in some type of way secluded from the rest of society as if the issues that happen out there aren’t things that often happen here. It is important to constantly remind students that this is not a distant issue from us. This is something that happens within Houston itself, and issues of racism with police misconduct that happens on this campus. Having the silent museum each year is a constant reminder that we must always be aware of our rights, and have the ability and knowledge to pinpoint and determine when police misconduct is happening.


Savion Curd

Freshman | Texas Southern University

My nappy hair, makes me a target.
My swag and debonair, it makes me a target.
If I wear a hoodie, then that makes me a target.
People watch my every move when I’m walking in Target. I am Trayvon Martin and my girl is Sandra Bland
Hard to see yourself as a negro and not a man
Hard to see my brother get stiff when police come around



University of Houston’s NAACP Advisor and Vice President for Community Relations and Institutional Access, Dr. Elwyn Lee.

We are here today to raise consciousness. The primary cause is racism, they assume black people are threats, the very color of your skin. That’s why young people are getting killed.

To learn more about University of Houston’s NAACP Unit 6806 check out their website at and be sure to follow them on social media for constant updates @NAACP_UH

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