#Branding101 | Building Your Best Brand

The ultimate beginners guide to building your best brand. Transitioning into the life of an entrepreneur can be hard and frightening. Here are five helpful tips to help you get started on branding yourself!

  1. Establish Your Brand

Establishing a brand is so much more than just finding a name and creating a logo. You have to cultivate a plan and figure out your purpose. What are you passionate about? What message are you trying to send? What exactly are you trying to brand? Figure out who you are, your audience and how you’re going to get it out there!  Like the #Enterpernuership101 post find what you love, create a plan, just do it and stay consistent! These four things will help you guide you as you start your brand. Remember  you can do anything you put your mind to! Build your own dream and BE YOUR OWN BO$$.

  1. Invest In Yourself

If no one else believes in you, YOU have to believe in you! Building your brand is a lot of hard work and comes with a lot of time and patience. You’ll have to invest a lot of time, money and energy. You have to work when no one else is watching. There will be a lot of late nights and early mornings but you have to stay consistent and know that eventually your hard work will pay off.

  1. Learn Your Industry

Take the time to learn your industry! Often times people jump into things and don’t know exactly what they are getting themselves into. Research and learn your industry. Who are your competitors? Who is your target audience? By learning your industry it helps you figure out what you’re doing that makes your brand stand out from others. By researching you have the ability to make your brand that much better than your competitors.

  1. Utilize Your Resources

Work smarter not harder! Utilize your resources around you when building your brand. Are you on social media? Are you located on or near a college campus? How are you marketing yourself? Who do you know that could help? These are things to take into consideration when utilizing your resources and all work as a part of investing in yourself. Social media is one of the top resources for businesses right now! Utilize social media as a way to market yourself. If you are a college student or near a college campus you have access to thousands of students. Establish a way to get your name and your brand out there and figure out the best way to market yourself!

  1. Build Your Contacts

NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK! Figure out the best way to build your contacts! Networking is one of the top ways to market yourself and your brand. Meet new people, attend events and talk about your brand! You are the voice of your brand. Establish a way to get the word out! Exchange phone numbers and social media handles with people. You never know who you may meet or how someone can help you!

NEVER STOP WORKING! As you transition into the life of an entrepreneur remember that nothing comes easy but all of your hard work will pay off in the end! Now off to go build your best brand!

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