Tribute To A Black Woman

On Thursday September 28th the Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. presented their annual event, Tribute To A Black Woman. Tribute To A Black Woman is a night spent where the men of Alpha Phi Alpha honor women of color. They spent the night catering to black woman and honoring those that have led great example. Honorees included Betty Luseged and Niya Blair.


Betty Luseged is a member of Delta Sigma Theta at the University of Houston. She is the membership chair of the National Society of Black Engineers and currently serves as one of the few black Homecoming Queens on campus for 2016-2017 at the University of Houston.


Niya Blair is the first director of the center for diversity and inclusion at the University of Houston where she leads diversity efforts for the UH campus community.


The night was filled with tons of melanin, inspiration and entertainment. DJ Auditory provided sounds and entertainment and there were special performances throughout the night by singers Kendall Allen, Cortez “Cooley” Kimble, and Miss Black and Gold 2017 winner, Michelle Onwudebe. As the night carried on we heard inspirational presentations by Amber Branch, who spoke on the importance of mental health. Allure Anoma, spoke on being a black woman in power and Brionne Dunham,  gave a heartwarming testimony on being a strong black woman.

“There’s this stigma that black women have to be strong through every tragedy . . . You can’t say anything, you can’t cry, you can’t be angry, you can’t be emotional . . . stop being afraid of being the angry black woman. Stop being afraid of the stereotypes.” – Brionne Dunham



It is important to have Tribute To A Black Woman because the world is constantly trying to change black women and tell them that they are not enough. My chapter wants to remind women every year that they are enough. From the color of their skin to every curl on their beautiful heads. We just want to make sure when everyone leaves the room after our event that they are reminded that they are appreciated and are responsible for making the world be a great place.

Richard Igbinoba

Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. President


Thank you to the men of Alpha Phi Alpha for honoring women of color and continuing this event on campus, the night was inspirational!

For More information on the men of the Eta Mu Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha please visit or follow them on social media @UHALPHAS


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