#Blogging101 | 5 Ways to Create Great Content

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If you’re interested in blogging or creating a blog. Here are 5 helpful tips to help you create great content.

1. Brainstorm

When creating a blog post you should sit and brainstorm what you’re going to write about. Do research and get your creative juices flowing. Figure out what’s hot, what’s trending and what’s on everyones mind? Always have ideas on deck and write all of your ideas down! Sometimes creative juices don’t always cut on when you want them to. So it’s important to write ideas down when one pops up in your head. Brainstorming and having ideas written down makes blogging so much easier when it comes to creating great content.

2. Know your audience

When blogging it is important to know your audience. Who are your readers? What are their interest? Who are you writing for? Figure out your target audience. You want your readers to come back. So figure out what topics of yours they like to read most.  Research and learn your industry. Knowing your audience helps keep your writing focused and keeps your readers coming back.

3. Be Yourself and Be Original

When starting a blog it is important to find your writing style. What interests you? What message are you trying to get out to your readers? When you’re staying true to yourself and being original it makes your blog more relatable and your readers are able to feel your sincerity through your writing. Focus on your thoughts, interest and ideas. Write for yourself first, and be true to your voice!

4. Keep it Simple

You don’t always have to write lengthy blog post or use super big words. Keep it short and sweet. Figuring out the best length for your blog post can be tricky but be sure to keep your readers in mind. Also, use visuals to help engage your readers. You don’t want to loose them in a swamp of words. So figure out ways to keep your readers engaged while keeping it simple.

5. Have Fun

Have fun with your blog! You never want blogging to become a thing that you hate to do. Have fun with your topics and your readers. Your blog is what you make it, so make the best of it! Use your platform to showcase who you are, your interest and your beliefs. Make it you, love your blog and stay consistent!


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