Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy Release ‘Courtesy of Half-a-Mil’ Album

Any fan that has kept up with these two artists know that this project is not a surprise. With Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy both releasing Half-a-Mil mixtapes that have dropped in three parts respectively throughout the year.


Amazingly, the two have an amazing chemistry on tracks together. Each seeming to out-rap the other on each track. Giving off a competitive style of rap that all came together to form a beautiful masterpiece of projects for both the album and each mixtape.

Though this album was an opportunity for fans to hear a bonified project from Hit-Boy and Dom. Hit-Boy delivered heavy lines of lyrical talent in each song. He’s very talented and already recognized for his craft for making beats. Mostly known for his production on Watch The Throne’s most successful single “N*ggas In Paris”. Now he’s adding crazy rap verses on top of hundreds of successful songs he’s produced. Keep your eyes open for any solo releases from Hit-Boy.

Dom Kennedy was more of the same, giving us his same flow but I couldn’t hate it, most of Dom’s projects receive the same flow. His best verse came on “Don’t Know Me”, which sounds a lot like he was freestyling off the top of the dome. This was refreshing. Maybe he should do this more?

Overall, I give the album a 6.5/10 because Hit-Boy dragged Dom along over almost the entire album. Similar to how Future dragged Young Thug and Drake on their respective joint projects. Hit-Boy is definitely the lesser known artist out of the two so that shouldn’t have happened. I expect more from Dom after every project, almost like the Jay Z effect. To get better with age.

I hope to hear more from these two though, as they work great together in tandem.Dom may fair well working with Hit-Boy as his career is on the up while Dom’s is more stagnant.

Stream the Courtesy of Half-a-Mil album from Spotify below:


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