Jemele Hill Leaves Sports Center for its Black Vertical ‘The Undefeated’

The Undefeated gains an expert and exceptional TV personality, Jemele Hill.

Jemele Hill is leaving one of the most illustrious seats on cable television in Sports Center after landing her new spot at The Undefeated.

Some would say she is moving backwards on the ladder considering The Undefeated is an affiliate of ESPN and not the mother ship.

This departure for Jemele could fall in line with two situations we could vouch for as reasons. First, that she really wanted to get back to the heart of her journalistic talent as she outlined in her announcement via Twitter:

It also can have everything to do with the fact that ESPN did not back or support her statements of Donald Trump this past September and October. Hill was very outspoken with her disapproval of the commander and chief during the NFL’s player protests last year:

Whichever situation led to Jemele Hill’s decision, it is good to see her have the power and leverage to make her own decision and not be pushed out. Sports Center at 6 will miss an amazing piece to its greatness.

One things for sure, The Undefeated is happy:

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