This Political Candidate is Looking to Make A Change in Harris County


On January 31, 2018 Political Canidiate LashawnA. Williams presented her official campaign kickoff fundraiser at Ogun’s Art and Wine celebrating her official run for judge.

Screen Shot 2018-02-05 at 3.27.52 PMWilliams is the judicial candidate for the Harris County Civil Court at Law #3. After graduating from Thurgood Marshall School of Law, Williams became founder and managing partner of Baldwin Williams and Associates, PLLC where she has practiced law for over 23 years. Being an in-house counsel for a national fortune 500 company, several non-profit organizations, serving as a criminal defense attorney, and practicing in state and federal courts. Not only is Williams’ resume extensive but her initials spell out law which I don’t think is a coincidence but just proves that she is highly qualified to serve as Judge for Harris County.

Being that Harris County is the third largest most populated county in the nation with a very diverse community, every day the county courts at law impact the lives of Harris County Citizens all over. It is critical and important to know who is holding these positions on the bench.

I decided to run because now, more than ever, Harris County needs judges who appreciate what is at stake for the average citizen, our families, our small businesses and our communities.   Harris County needs judges that will interpret and uphold the law honorably, and do so with professionalism and the utmost respect for all who appear in court. – Lashawn Williams


With primary elections just being around the corner in March and general elections being in November, she needs your support! If you are looking to volunteer, donate or simply get to know more about this great candidate please visit 

To volunteer meet us Sunday at: 2:11updated

To donate:

This rich professional experience allows me to have the understanding and genuine perspective needed to respect wholly each party before me, and to interpret, honor and uphold the letter and spirit of the law. I am asking for your support.  I will be honored to serve the wonderful families, communities, and businesses of this great county of Texas.

Follow the campaign on social media!

Instagram: @Lawforjudge  Facebook: @Lawforjudge

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