Meet The Founder

“Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”


Keyana Pratt is a 22-year-old young mogul in the making. Raining from her hometown Lansing, MI now stationed in Houston, TX. Keyana is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Houston studying Public Relations. With aspirations to work in the entertainment industry Keyana created N.Y.A.G. Network, an entertainment website in May of 2017. Inspired by many around her Keyana’s goal is to encourage and uplift other dreamers and inspire them to be their very best. Along side creating N.Y.A.G. Network, Keyana also created a personal blog where she documents her personal journey as she builds her brand.  “There is only one you. No one can be you like you can, so be the best YOU you can be.” – Keyana Pratt

I hear so many stories about people who are simply existing and not living. People who wish they had followed their dreams but never had the opportunity or courage to follow. I created this for those willing to dream and wanting to stand out. Encouraging them to live their best life!

Meet Terrence Whaley

Terrence Headshot

Terrence Whaley is a 22-year-old entrepreneur based in Houston, Texas. Terrence is currently working towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Information Systems at the University of Houston. In any of his available time outside of school, he is honing his skills on how to become the face of brand through its media component. Working through interviews, authoring articles, and making connections within a fast-moving sneaker culture and industry. Given his entrepreneurial spirit, Terrence was able to start his own company in 2015 called Play for Keeps. Giving a platform for entrepreneurs and creators around him a chance to shine through his own guidance.

In his writings, you will always receive and read an authentic thought from him on each piece. Everything you’ll see on the N.Y.A.G. Network will be of something he wants to shed light on. Nothing will be unwanted. Eyes peeled!

From Terrence Whaley, with love. Peace.